Vergeer Farms based in Chatham-Kent, Ontario is solely focused on the development and production of seasonal Fall & Winter decor. This culmination of work over 20+ years has translated into supplying over 1,000+ storefronts annually with our specialized seasonal products.  The same spirit that started Vergeer exists today, we continue to learn through collaboration, we continue to share with our partners and customers, we continue to love what we do.

The wheat harvest each year marks the first wave of production at Vergeer Farms where we make unique wheat wreaths, sheaves and bunches for home and commercial application.

Vergeer is our favorite seasonal suppler, they listen intently, collaborate on solutions and always deliver high value to our customers.
— US Distributor
handmade wheat sheaves about to enter our packaging process

handmade wheat sheaves about to enter our packaging process

What We've Achieved

  • Longstanding customer base that we greatly value and work hard for everyday


  • A core team at Vergeer that knows how to "make it happen"


  • Unique products/product lines, all our products are dreamt up & produced by the Vergeer team


  • Key partnerships locally, regionally and internationally that we leverage to supply custom natural, artificial and metal components in our products


  • A supply chain that allows for production from local garden centre to national chain store volume


  • Long enough in business to know "change" is constant and we must constantly push ourselves to stay relevant